PostHuman Derive


The technological singularity is imminent. We are approaching a point in time where evolution will result in another paradigm shift.

Architecture can be seen as movement through space, the journey of getting from point A to point B with the moving body reacting to obstacles and barriers in a constant dialogue constructing the overall experience. PostHuman derive is a design vision taking into account how technology changed our experience of space, from our bodies and abilities to the experience of the city.

The project took form of designing an Exoskeleton for Parkour performers on one scale, and the architecture their enhanced ability produced on the scale of the city which took form of a dynamic bridge across the Thames. Just like ants can form bridges with their bodies attached to one another.

Fundamentally, the relationship between the body and its surroundings is being looked at. Looking at current trends in technological development the thesis projects possibilities for an augmented human body for the parkour community, and suggests how the architectural and urban experience may be rethought where inhabitants of the city actively participate  individually and collectively in the construct of their overall experience. 

PostHuman Derive is my Architectural Association Diploma Thesis Project, for more information please download my Thesis Book from the following link – posthuman_derive.

To download my Technical Thesis and Research please click the following link : technical-studies-thesis.

Phase 1 : The Technological Singularity

I put together a compilation of science fiction scenes speculating implications of the singularity,  Combined with voice overs from tech giants, and leaders anticipating the coming of the technological singularity.

Phase 2 : Exploring Embodiment

A group production by AA Diploma 18 (2015/2016) at the Watermill Centre, Long Island. The Diploma 18 Tribe was dancing in the forest, reacting to nature with the body.




Phase 3 : A Scaleless Architecture


Phase 4 : Enhanced Movement





Phase 5 : The PostHuman Anatomy




Phase 6 : Enabled – New Standards?




Phase 7 : The PostHuman Derive



Phase 8 : The PostHuman Derive






Mixed media models : 3D printing, casting, hand made models :


Augmented Reality Installation :