Londonium Digital Diorama – Unbuilt London

Unbuilt London provoked a search into the history of the city of London. Focusing on the unrealised visions of many visionaries from Cedric Price’s Fun Palace, to Winston Churchill’s War Room, and the hundreds of spaces, buildings, and years in between and since.

Londinium Digital Diorama projects a future vision of London inspired by the past. London’s reconstruction was rethought through areas corresponding to important epochs and figures which had dominated the city growth. The Dioramas were created using Origami and Kirigami techniques combined with Projection Mapping.

Assigned the sector of Greater London, our groups vision took inspiration from the unbuilt Kings Cross Airport [envisioned by Charles Glover] in addition to the rapid radial growth of the city. The response was to construct a possibility for vertical growth on the boundaries of the city through artificial landscapes stacking on top of one another.

The landscapes are constructed by repetitive units signifying the exponential growth in industry towards rapid prototyping and digital optimisation.