Pitfalls of Plenty


“The proposals put forth in the Fairy Tales competition create entire worlds of the imagination – they build their immersive stories as much by what they don’t say, as by what they do. The winning entries in this year’s competition include oblique references to current events, mundane daily activities and human emotions that we all easily relate to – they make visible how we shape space, and in turn, how space shapes us. The images and narratives are so wildly outlandish, and yet, so grounded that it seems like we could mistakenly stumble into any of them. They are personal and powerful – a testament to the power of architecture as a world-builder.” Competition Jurors.

Pitfalls of plenty is a competition entry for Blankspace Fairy Tales 217, by Rania Francis and I. Our fairy tale, titled : Pitfalls of Plenty, aims to depict the destructive nature of overconsumption that we see in most of our civilisations. The narrative is told through the eyes of a greedy king and his enchanted object, called the Pyxis

To download/read the text, please go to the project page from the link on the top of this post.

Below are a number of images produced to visualise Pitfalls of Plenty.


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